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Collectables Guide to Buying and Selling

If you do not collect anything then you are a rare person indeed. It seems just about everyone collects something. It may not be a life long hobby, it may be just a fad, but at some point we all get bitten by the collectible bug.

When it comes to the buying and selling of discontinued collectables our advice is pretty much the same as it would be for buying and selling discontinued tableware, except that few china matching/replacement services deal with collectables, preferring to stay with their core tableware market.

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However, there are important additions to places to trade for collectables such as collectors clubs, websites and forums. These are an invaluable resources for anyone seeking to buy, sell or swap pieces of their collection. They are an excellent place to meet like minded individuals and to establish good connections with both dealers and other collectors. And of course you can find specialist dealers there.

Within this part of the site we will endeavour to bring you information on different types of collectibles, links to online auctions featuring those collectibles for sale and contact information for collector clubs, websites and forums for each category of collectible, as well as the odd dealer or two.

If you are responsible for a collectors club, site or forum for one of the collectable categories on the left, or you are a collectible dealer specialising in a given collectible type, please get in touch so that we may arrange a reciprocal link to your site. We hope you appreciate and enjoy our site, but most of all, we hope you enjoy your collections.

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