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Unlike many of the other well-known porcelain collectables, Lladro does not have its origins way back in the mists of time. Lladro is a relatively modern phenomenon; post World War II in fact but no less a phenomenon for that. The story starts as recently as 1953 when the 3 Lladro brothers, Jose, Juan and Vicente experimented with an ancient Moorish furnace in the family home in Almassera, near the city of Valencia in Spain and successfully produced porcelain jugs and vases. They found there was a market for these products and soon the business was up and running.

Inspired by their initial success, the brothers branched out into more artistic items and by 1956 they were ready to launch the range of figurines and other sculptures for which the name of Lladro is now renowned around the Globe. These exquisite pieces quickly became regarded as collectibles and such became the demand for them that the brothers soon needed bigger premises. In 1958 they moved into a factory in Tavernes Blanques, a short distance away.

The Lladros were more than gifted artists and craftsmen. They were innovators too. Not content to just continue with the process they had originally developed and which had already brought them such success, they continued to experiment. As a result they created an entirely new way to produce porcelain. Porcelain was always made using a three layer firing process. The Lladro brothers managed to reduce this to a single layer process. In producing porcelain by this innovative system they created the characteristic pastel tones and crystalline finish by which their work is instantly recognisable today.

In the years that followed, demand grew at a rate the brother could never have foreseen. They continued introducing new figurines and statuettes, all of which were seized on by collectors with great delight. Soon they had other inspired designers and craftsmen and women working with them. The factory inevitably had to expand until in 1969 the City of Porcelain was opened, still in Tavernes Blanques and now occupying over 100,000 square feet of space.

The City of Porcelain is a phenomenon in its own right, a vast collection of well lit studios and workshops dedicated to the production of porcelain collectables. The magnificent complex includes spacious gardens and excellent sports facilities as well as the studios and shops. Over 15000 visitors annually go there to wander freely and take the opportunity to watch the artisans there work their magic to produce the famous Lladro porcelain figures.

There is no better place to go to in search of Lladro porcelain collectibles and for a collector, no visit to Spain would be complete without making the pilgrimage there. You don’t have to of course, in these days of internet markets you don’t actually need to leave home at all! However you go about it, collecting Lladro porcelain will always be rewarding.

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