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Lomonosov pottery (USSR Pottery)

What many collectors know as the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory has, since 29th may 2005, borne the name Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. The factory was established, in the town of Oraniembaum (Lomonosov), on the order of Empress Elizabeth, in 1744, "to serve native trade and native art". This followed closely on the creation by Dimitry Ivanovich Vinogradov, a talented mining engineer, of the Russian porcelain formula. This came after many attempts in Russia, following a visit by Peter the Great to the Court of Dresden in 1718, to discover the secret of making porcelain. Empress Elizabeth was Peter’s daughter and successor. The factory produced ware exclusively for the Imperial family, the Romanovs for whom only the very best was good enough.

It was in 1762 during the reign of Catherine the Great, a period of great prosperity for Russian porcelain that the factory was given the name, "Imperial Porcelain Manufactory," The designs produced changed with succeeding reigns right up until the Revolution in 1917, which saw the end of the Russian monarchy. The factory was nationalised and became, "The State Porcelain Factory," a name it carried until 1925 when it was renamed the "Leningrad Lomonosov Porcelain Factory," in honour of the founder of Russia’s Academy of Science, the great Russian polymath, Mikhail Vasileyvich Lomonosov.

Items produced during the Imperial period are of course extremely collectable, quite rare and highly valued. Having said that, the standards of quality and design were maintained in the post Imperial period making the products still very attractive and interesting to collectors today.

Production of a variety of both tableware and collectibles carried on and in the UK perhaps the best known are their beautiful range of animal figurines. The factory has survived wars, revolution and counter revolution and continues to produce limited editions of highly desirable collectables to this day.

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