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To say that the list of items relating to bars and drinking in general, that are of interest to collectors is something of an understatement! Breweriana collectibles are so numerous that they need to be listed in categories and there are at least fifteen of those.

The fact that the umbrella of Bar and Drinking shelters so many collectables, keenly sought after by so many collectors is probably due to the intensive marketing undertaken by all the major breweries, distilleries and similar companies in the drinks trade over many years. The popularity of drinking as a pastime may well have something to do with it as well!

Something else that maybe helps to make these items so popular with collectors is the fact that so many bar and drinking collectables are quite inexpensive. In fact many were originally given away free by the companies as marketing gimmicks. Others simply came as part of the drink packaging such as beer bottles and caps. In the case of bottles many have become collectable because of a distinctive shape. Yet others have found their way onto the collectables market by less legitimate means, like the drinking glasses, beer mats and bar towels lurking in bedsits and students’ rooms around the world.

An interesting aspect of bar and drinking related collectibles is that many of the branded items, produced as give away promotional material, are actually wearable. Items of clothing such as tee shirts, baseball caps, and in some cases jackets were given away so that the wearer could proudly display the brand wherever he or she went. Collectors acquiring such products have a choice. Preserve them, in their packaging if possible, in new condition in the hope that increasing rarity will stimulate increasing value, or wear them, enjoy them and continue helping to promote the brand.

Why not collect the clothing and wear it and at the same time collect all the other bar paraphernalia, beer mats, obsolete pumps, bottles etc. and keep them in pristine condition. Many collectors like to collect items related to just one brand. Guinness is already a very popular choice due to the enormous efforts made by the company to promote the brand by means of souvenirs and it would be a very good brand to start off with. Guinness is claimed to be good for you and it is certainly very good for collectors with so many collectables to choose from.

On each of the pages within this section dedicated to Bar and Drinking collectibles we have included links to live and current online auctions dealing in each theme. In addition, where known, we have added details of collector clubs, forums and websites. We wish you every success in tracking down the missing pieces of your discontinued Bar and Drinking collection and hope you will become a regular visitor to Accumulations. Remember it’s an ever-changing scene so it is always worth a return visit!

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