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Motoring collectables

It is only about 127 years since the first motor cars appeared on public roads. 1886 was the year Carl Benz produced his "Benz Patent Motorwagen," which is generally considered to be the first practical motor vehicle. From then on such was the growth in numbers of vehicles and the rate of technological advance that soon what were state-of-the-art vehicles or accessories were becoming collectable bygones almost overnight and so a new branch of the collecting hobby was born.

Motoring collectibles take many forms. Those who are blessed with sufficient funds available and plenty of space might collect cars or commercial vehicles. Some will collect vehicles of a particular make or from a specific period. Collectors of commercial vehicles may specialise in buses whilst others will favour goods vehicles. Military vehicles, especially those from the two world wars form a category of collectables all of their own.

Obviously not everyone can collect actual vehicles. The great thing about the world of motoring collectables is that you don’t have to. Right from the early days, as motoring gained in popularity a whole industry sprang up to produce all those accessories that no motoring enthusiast could do without. Those relatively inexpensive items (compared to a car!) have become the more affordable collectibles.

Clothing produced for motorists and motorcyclists provides a great variety of collectables. Motoring guides, maps and maintenance manuals make interesting reading and motoring magazines and manufacturers’ brochures provide a fascinating insight into the attitudes of days gone by, especially the brochures!

For many of course nostalgia is the great attraction of motoring collectibles. The cars and motorcycles of today, along with their accoutrements, bear little resemblance to those of our youth. The mascots and badges from the products of the great names now vanished always evoke memories, good or otherwise!

As well as the vehicles themselves collectables abound relating to the services provided for the motorist and motorcyclist. Those lovely globes from the old petrol pumps are one example. The garage signs and advertising material are all sought after now.

Motor sport down the years has spearheaded much of the development, the fruits of which we enjoy today. It is another rich source of collectibles both large and small. Race programmes and the like are much easier to collect than racing cars or motorcycles of course!

The fascinating story of motoring forms an important part of the social history of the last century. Collectors of motoring memorabilia gain a depth of knowledge of the subject than most.

On each of the pages within this section dedicated to Motoring collectibles we have included links to live and current online auctions dealing in each theme. In addition, where known, we have added details of collector clubs, forums and websites. We wish you every success in tracking down the missing pieces of your discontinued Motoring collection and hope you will become a regular visitor to Accumulations. Remember it’s an ever-changing scene so it is always worth a return visit!

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