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Lomonosov Animals (USSR) Collectables

Lomonosov polar bear (USSR)

To collectors in Britain the name Lomonosov is most associated with a highly collectable range of stylish porcelain animal figurines. Outside of Russia these collectibles are the most familiar of all the products of what, since 2005, is The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, the name originally given to it during the reign of Catherine the Great. Following the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 the factory was re-named The State Porcelain Factory and the name changed again in 1925 to The Leningrad Lomonosov Porcelain Factory. The products of that era, up until the fall of the Soviet Union, bore the USSR stamp, hence collectors often refer to them as "USSR Animals" The USSR having been consigned to history has resulted in the range of collectibles produced during that period and bearing the USSR stamp being, currently, slightly more sought after than the equally delightful animals being created now.

Look out too for the name, Dmitry Vinogradov, who established the factory in1744 on the order of Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great. Tsar Peter had brought the idea to Russia following a visit to Dresden in Saxony in 1718. The porcelain makers of Saxony held on to the secret of making it and it fell to Vinogradov to discover it for himself. The porcelain produced in Russia is therefore similar to that of Saxony, but its formula is more like the Chinese porcelain. The result is Russia’s own variety of porcelain, slightly different to any other. The range of animals is immense, from Aardvarks to zebra, well almost, some may still to be added, but a great many species are already included and all are eminently collectable.

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