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It really isn’t surprising that trains and railways have spawned so many collectables. From their earliest days a certain romance has surrounded railways, rather like the romance associated with seafaring. Maybe it came about because, before 1825, sailors and coachmen were about the only ordinary working people that ever travelled beyond their home town or village. Now, suddenly, travel became possible for millions. The further the railway network spread, the more people could travel about the country.

A railway is a complex operation involving vast amounts of equipment large and small. Many of these items became familiar to users of the railway and as they were replaced over time they became sought after as collectibles. The world of railways is an ever changing scene so there has always been a ready supply of redundant equipment becoming available. Railway personnel themselves were often the original collectors of redundant equipment.

For many railway people, working for the railway is more than just a job; it’s more a way of life. Indeed even in today’s cynical world it is surprising how many of them have followed fathers and grandfathers into railway work.

Much of today’s enthusiasm for railway collectables is reinforced by nostalgia for the age of steam. After all, it was steam power that made the whole thing possible. Steam not only powered the locomotives that pulled the trains, but also the works that built them and made the iron rails. Many of the locomotives that hauled the express trains were given names that became famous, "Mallard", "Flying Scotsman", "King George V", "Royal Scot, " the castles and Kings and many others. The expresses they hauled often bore famous names too like "The Flying Scotsman" and "The Coronation Scot. " The nameplates from locomotives now sadly scrapped have become some of the most sought after collectibles with very high values.

However there are thousands of other items of much more affordable railwayana out there, lamps, station clocks, ticket machines, and all the other paraphernalia needed to run a railway. Things like guard’s whistles, uniform buttons and indeed complete items of uniform like the old waistcoats with sleeves are now sought-after collectables. Many people collect railway posters and advertising signs from stations as well as the station name boards themselves.

If you don’t know much about railways and railway history don’t worry; there is plenty of literature devoted to the subject. It’s a fascinating world than can easily draw you into becoming a collector.

The nostalgia of railways, and especially steam railways, has engendered a healthy collectors market for railwayana with many items changing hands for thousands of pounds. Much sought after are posters and the station signs from stations long closed, which can often sell at auction for substantial sums. Genuine guards’ whistles, rail workers lamps and railway uniform are hunted down by enthusiasts.

Get to know your subject. Sellers sometimes do not realise that the torch, button or flag that they are selling is associated with railways. Do your research and make sure that you do recognise these items when they are offered.

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