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Motor sport collectibles form a large group of motoring memorabilia, partly because of the enthusiasm of motor sport aficionados and partly because motor sport embraces so many different activities. Each of these, from motor cycle trials to Formula One, generates its own collectables.

Collecting old Formula One cars or Championship winning motorcycles may be the preserve of enthusiasts with deep pockets and large outbuildings but there are more affordable collectibles associated with all motor sport, even Formula One. Race and event programmes are eagerly sought after by collectors, especially when they relate to a particularly memorable or historic event.

Scale models of particularly significant race cars or motorcycles can be picked up for a tiny fraction of the cost of owning the original vehicle. They fit better in a display cabinet too! The autographs of drivers and riders famous in their particular sport are always collectable.

The history of motor sport parallels that of motorised transportation itself. No sooner had cars and motorcycles become available than some owners wanted to race against each other or take part in other kinds of trial. It is the nature of mankind to be competitive. It’s what has driven much of the progress made over the centuries.

For collectors, the important thing is that this long history of competitive motoring means that there exists an enormous array of memorabilia to collect. Once motor and motorcycle competitions started, people started writing books and publishing magazines about them.

Millions of words have been written about such great events as the Monte Carlo Rally. The heroic days of racing at Brooklands have been well documented, especially the exploits of the famous "Bentley Boys." They made history in the Le Mans 24 hour Race too. All events with long, well recorded and collectable histories.

One motor sport event that has spawned countless collectibles specific to its identity and which celebrated its Centenary in 2007 is unusual, if not unique, in that it still follows the basic format established all those years ago. That event is the annual Isle of Man TT Races. The most famous rider ever to take part in and win there, the great Geoff Duke, celebrated his 90th Birthday this year, 2013. A considerable amount of material has been produced to record and celebrate the event and is just waiting to be collected!

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