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Lorna Bailey Cats & Other Figurines

One of Lorna Bailey’s most distinctive ranges of collectibles is her range of comical cats. Whilst some may find these feline caricatures rather grotesque, others will find them highly amusing and some of the most appealing of ceramic collectables. It is all a matter of taste as always. Any collector wishing to specialise in one particular Lorna Bailey range could do a great deal worse than choosing the cats.

There are twenty two of the cat figurines all told and however many of each were made remains the maximum number in existence, since manufacture ceased in May 2008. Some reduction in that number may be expected due to the inevitable breakages that occur over time. Currently like most of the Lorna Bailey collectibles, the cats are not difficult to find on the markets. If you find you have collected all the cats, there are plenty of other ranges to move on to.

These whimsical figurines demonstrate quite clearly that not only is Lorna Bailey a highly talented artist and designer but that she has a great sense of humour which she was never afraid to express in her work. Her decision to retire from the business so early was a great loss to the world of ceramics, though arguably it showed she had her priorities right in putting family life first.

The comical cat collectables display not only Lorna’s sense of humour, but also her vivid imagination. The trio, "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" is a masterly interpretation of the ancient "Three wise monkeys" theme replacing the monkeys with cartoon style cats.

The comical cat with arms folded is another character which indicates that, had Lorna Bailey chosen a different career path she might well have found fame as a cartoonist. For further evidence of that take a look at the Small Referee Cat and the Supporting Cat with Hat and Scarf. Each of these is surely a "must-have" for a collector who happens to be a football fan as well!

Lorna Bailey evidently has a special affection for cats judging by the number of feline figurines she produced but dogs and other animals feature too in her catalogue of collectibles. There is the comical character of Woof-woof the dog as well as a large figure of a seated dog and the Sausage dog. Other animals include Quackers the Duck and Buck the Hare, all produced in the same whimsical cartoon style.

Human figures are not left out as Lorna kept her products up-to-date at the time of manufacture. There are several figurines of the Beatles, both together as the Fab Four and as individual characters. There is even a figure representing the famous steam power Guru, the late Fred Dibnah.

Lorna Bailey’s figurines both animal and human are among the most entertaining of ceramic collectables that a collector could choose as a subject. Not only that, if you look at the prices being asked by dealers, the majority are in double figures with a relative few being higher than that. That has to be good news for most people starting a collection now and values could well escalate as time passes.

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