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Any collector who decides to make Lladro porcelain collectibles their subject might decide to let their collection encompass the entire Lladro range. In order to do that, they will need to have deep pockets and a very spacious home. The range is simply enormous and growing all the time! That’s just the current products of course. Then there are the discontinued collectables, quaintly referred to as "retired Lladro. "

The alternative is to specialise in one or more of the categories of Lladro products, such as the animal ranges. Any one of these will be sufficient to keep most collectors busy for quite some time. Lladro animal collectibles actually comprise of three ranges, dogs and cats, horses and "other animals". According to the current Lladro website dogs and cats comprises of 30 figurines, horses 29 and other animals, 89. However as time passes new models get added and sometimes older ones are retired.

In all these ranges the figurines vary between wonderfully lifelike representations of the creatures and rather whimsical stylised versions. What they all have in common is the beautiful craftsmanship and superb finish that makes them so collectable.

The Other Animals category includes birds and snakes and amphibians as well as the usual mammals. The delicacy of some of the birds is quite breathtaking, like the cranes, herons and swans. So too are some of the prices but how do you put a price on such artistry and craftsmanship? In fact there are many of the animal collectables that are much more modestly priced when new.

If you love elephants as so many of us do you’ll find them quite well represented here, probably not enough to form a collection though. If "appealing" is what you’re looking for, who could resist the delightful penguins?

Like all of the Lladro set piece models comprising multiple figures, "Pursued Deer" is so full of life and movement and so delicately crafted that it’s hard to take one’s eyes off it. That’s just as seen in a photograph too! How gorgeous the real thing must be!

You can find similar examples in the Horse category too; look at "Born Free" and "Fox Hunt", both very costly pieces but no wonder! Actually many of the horse figurines capture the movement of these graceful creatures beautifully at much more modest cost.

Most of the dogs and cats range seem to have caught the animals in more restful mode but they are none the less adorable for that. Both do have their lively interludes but take your average moggy in particular; he or she does love to conserve their energy ready for the next burst of activity and Lladro have captured that beautifully.

Animals are only a small part of the Lladro range of collectibles and everything they create is worthy of collection. Many of their collectables are practical too, like their lamps, perfume sprays and crockery, which you can collect and actually use.

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