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Clarice Cliff Bizarre Collectables

Clarice Cliff Bizarre range of collectables was the earliest work produced by her to hit the market and as such is one of the most collectable of her ranges. It started in 1928 when Clarice returned from a six month course at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London. She had been sent on the course by her employers, A J Wilkinson, who had recognised her talent and her artistic potential.

On her return Clarice was provided with a design studio of her own where she produced an experimental series involving bright bold colours and simple geometric shapes. She called it "Bizarre Ware. " It was just the right time for such a bold and innovative idea and the startlingly modern Bizarre Ware was an immediate success, sales exceeding all expectations. Clarice Cliff herself was now a rising star and in 1930 she was appointed Art Director of A J Wilkinson. The nature of the Bizarre design meant that it was capable of seemingly infinite variations thus adding to its appeal as a collectable and encouraging people to collect it.

By 1931, still aged only 30 Miss Cliff was in charge of a team of one thousand workers. They included her all-female team of painters who soon became known as "The Bizarre Girls. " Throughout the 1930s demand for Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware grew and the business expanded on the back of that. Clarice kept on producing new designs to suit changing fashions and Bizarre became the umbrella name covering all these new designs. Highly collectible as Clarice Cliff’s Bizarre ware is, collectors need to be aware that in her heyday Clarice was the subject of what is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. Her designs were copied worldwide so collectors beware! That Bizarre Ware jug that seems such a bargain might just be Japanese copy!

Clarice Cliff married the company’s Managing Director, Colley Shorter in 1940 and together they travelled as far and wide as wartime conditions allowed promoting the company’s wartime products. After the war, the company continued to produce her designs, marketed under her name. Then in 1963 Colley died and in 1964 Clarice retired and the business was sold to Midwinter. She produced no more designs and in October 1972 Clarice died suddenly when still only 72years of age. From then on Clarice Cliff collectibles became even more sought after. Today some of her classic Bizarre Ware designs in perfect condition change hands for astronomical sums.

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