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Collecting Teddy Bears & Steiff

Collectable teddy bears

Collecting teddy bears appeals to both children and adults. Teddy bears, named after Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, have a special appeal to most of us.

The most sought after Teddies are those from the 1900's but quality bears from much later dates are also much cherished by collectors. The most famous manufacturers are "Steiff". Watch out for labels or buttons (often in the ear) to show the name of the manufacturer. Other teddy bear manufacturers to look out for are Herman, Schuco, and Farnell.

Teddy bear collectors are known by the term "arctophiles", but not many teddies can pronounce that.

The following is a list of live auctions for "Soft Toys Teddy Bears" currently listed on eBay. Hover the mouse cursor over the current price for details of postage and packaging. If you would like to see more information on a particular piece and maybe even bid on it, simply click on the item description to be magically whisked away to the wonderful world that is eBay. Alternatively you may use the search box to look for a specific piece for your collection.

Please also check out the Soft Toys Teddy Bears Books, Related Dealers and Useful Resources listed at the end of this page.

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