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Whitefriars Glass and Glassware

Whitefriars Glass got it's name in the 1830’s when James Powell purchased factory premises in the Whitefriars area of London. Powell was a wine merchant and had little knowledge of glass production. However, while looking for a fresh investment, he had the vision to recognise an opportunity in the glass making industry.

Powell and his family soon learned the current techniques of glass production, but were sufficiently open minded to introduce new procedures and technology. Soon they had built a reputation for high quality glass, both decorative and functional. One of the breakthroughs for Whitefriars was to become involved in the production of stained glass windows, a very lucrative market at that time.

Over the years, the Powell family and Whitefriars Glass became associated with other leading and innovative designers of the period including William Morris and Philip Webb, but they also employed some of the top names in contemporary designs, perhaps the best know being Geoffrey Baxter.

Sadly the factory was forced to close down in 1980, the end of an era in many respects. However, Whitefriars glass, in all of its forms, has now become highly collectable and despite the current recession, some items are still gaining in price. One of the bonuses (and also a potential pitfall) of collecting quality glass is that it is highly vulnerable to breakages if not cared for. This means that the total number of items available from a factory that is no longer in production, is getting less all the time. Look after your Whitefriars glass and the price will increase as items become increasingly scarce.

Fortunately for the novice collector, there are items on the market to suit all pockets. A recent check of eBay showed sales ranging from £3 to over £250, all in the same week. Something for everybody.

The following is a list of live auctions for "Glassware Whitefriars Glass" currently listed on eBay. Hover the mouse cursor over the current price for details of postage and packaging. If you would like to see more information on a particular piece and maybe even bid on it, simply click on the item description to be magically whisked away to the wonderful world that is eBay. Alternatively you may use the search box to look for a specific piece for your collection.

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