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For longer than most people can remember Guinness has led the field in marketing and advertising by means of offering spin-off products bearing the famous trademarks of the brand. In fact, it probably started very early in the company’s long history and considering that goes back 250 years now it must be longer than anyone can remember! The variety of these offerings over such a long period is enormous and most have quickly become collectibles. Some are directly involved with serving and drinking the famous brew itself. Others are a step or two away from the actual drink but connected to activities supported or sponsored by the brewery.

It is no surprise to find that so many collectors have found Guinness merchandise so attractive a subject for their passion. Discontinued products such as the advertising ceramic collectables produced for Guinness by Carlton Ware are well known and much sought after, similarly Guinness waistcoat buttons, Guinness Beer mats, Guiness trays and Guinness Posters.

The famous Guinness toucan appeared in 1935 and any merchandise bearing the toucan image is highly desirable today. A toucan figurine was produced a few years ago but seems to be no longer made. Collectors will be looking out for second hand examples.

Early items like these are inevitably the most desirable, but Guinness are still producing highly collectable items which many collectors are eager to acquire with the expectation that they may well turn into worthwhile investments for the future. With that in mind you should always look for the best condition Guinness items that you can afford and you can’t get better condition than new!

Along with their regular merchandise, the Guinness merchandising people have brought out a special commemorative range for their 250th Anniversary. The items include a golf umbrella, a smart drinking mug, a warm hooded jacket, baseball caps and several other interesting items. These may well increase in value in years to come but even if they don’t, their connection with such an impressive anniversary makes them interesting enough to be collectable and surely that is what matters most to the serious collector.

One thing is certain, Guinness collectables are not only highly popular with collectors but there is an abundant supply out there. That may not make them the most valuable collectibles but it does make them accessible to anyone who finds them interesting. If seeking out Guinness collectables leads you into consuming the odd pint of the black stuff along the way, surely where would be the harm in that?

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