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Links to China Replacement Services and Other Useful Links

The following are a selection of services and websites which we would recommend. They are divided into three sections. The first section lists our recommended china replacement/matching services who will be happy to help you track down your discontinued replacement dishes. The second section provides links to other sites which we have found useful in our experience of replacement china, discontinued tableware, antiques and collectibles. The final section lists those sites who have been kind enough to provide a link to us or are supporting our site in some other way. We hope you find some of these links useful.

China Matching & Replacement Services

The Poole Pottery, Hornsea, Denby and Royal Doulton Replacement Service has been in operation since 1992. They have established themselves as one of the leading specialists in locating Poole Pottery and Hornsea replacement dishes, with an unrivalled customer service.

China replacement/matching service - specialists in Poole Pottery, Hornsea, Denby & Royal Doulton is the future of china replacement/matching services. Save time from ringing around half a dozen replacement services with this one stop shop, by browsing their stock and making an instant purchase online. Your replacement dishes could be with tomorrow! - China Matching Service

Useful Sites and Resources is the UKs leading directory of car boot sales within the UK. If you are looking for somewhere to go bargain hunting this weekend, go there now to find a car boot near you.

is without question the number one online auction and marketplace for the buying and selling of discontinued tableware, collectibles and antiques. In fact it's the number one place for buying and selling anything! We have sold thousands of items ourselves through our user id accumulationsuk and do not hesitate to recommend eBay to anyone looking to buy or sell in this field.

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Website Design & Development are our supporting sponsors to whom we are very grateful. They are also the UK leading tableware replacement specialists for Poole Pottery, Hornsea and Denby Pottery. - China Matching Service

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