Discontinued Collectibles Guide

Books on Discontinued Tableware, Antiques Books and Collectibles Books

There are a vast variety of books on tableware, but specialist books on the discontinued tableware of specific potteries are not always easy to find. There are collectibles books for many of the major UK tableware producers however, including Denby, Poole Pottery, Hornsea and Johnson Bros. If your interest expands beyond discontinued tableware, then searching for books gets a little easier as there are hundreds on antiques and collectibles. Whether you are looking for a book covering a wide range of collectables or whether your interest is far more specific, there is a book out there for you. Books bring life to the world of tableware, antiques and collectables, providing valuable insights into history, production techniques, valuations and pricing for profit.

Below is a small selection of some of the books and price guides on collectables, antiques and tableware, that you'll find in our new Accumulations eShop. Click on a book to learn more or click here to go to our store.

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