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Your guide to collectables, discontinued tableware and replacement china

Who are we to tell you the best ways of sourcing your collectables, discontinued tableware and replacement china? Well...we are not without experience. In fact, for many years we were the one of the UKs leading china matching and tableware replacement services, trading under the name of The China Detectives. To find out more about our history, The China Detectives and what we have been doing since, visit our About Us page. In the meantime, let us welcome you to, a website which we hope you will find both interesting and invaluable in your search for your discontinued tableware and collectibles.

discontinued denby arabesqueFor those of you who have come to our site hoping to find a discontinued tableware replacement service, we hope you will bear with us and take the time to look through our site so that you can enter the discontinued china market place better prepared. However, if you are pressed for time and can't wait that long we strongly recommend that you visit our friends at who have an extensive range of discontinued tableware in stock, including makes such as Denby, Poole Pottery, Hornsea, Royal Doulton, Johnson Bros, Wedgwood china, Marks & Spencer and many more.

If you have the time to browse our site and you are looking for some hints, tips and insights into the best ways of buying replacement dishes, selling discontinued tableware or tracking down those elusive collectibles, then simply click on one the menu option above or browse our collectibles library.

Of course, you can't run one of the UK's leading china replacement services for seven years without having an addiction for bargain hunting. We still trawl the car boot sales in search of Derek Trotter's pocket watch and can't resist picking up a few bargains along the way. We will be shortly relaunching the AccumulationsUK eBay shop, so watch this space. Who knows? We may find that important missing piece from your collection!

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